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  1. Oxyo - Cosmic Trip

    Oxyo – Cosmic Trip

    Project Oxyo started in 2012 by Pedro Carrola from Portugal, trance and ambient DJ / producer for a long time, musician and artist almost all his life he started to be involved in the trance movement at the age of 16 in the mystical summer of ...


    VA Modra Zora compiled by Qonic & Yawning Master in cooperation with Cosmic Flower Records. The compilation combines hypnotic goa trance with morning and euphoric melodies of full-on psychedelic trance. ...
  3. Nights Of Goa

    Nights Of Goa

    After weeks of tireless work we here at are pleased to announce the first of two various artists albums. These two albums are available for free download and are crammed with modern day classics and exclusive tracks, only available on this Goa psychedelic trance album. ...
  4. Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone

    Mindsphere – Inner Cyclone

    The fifth and final release from Metapsychic Records is the debut album of Mindsphere (Ali Akgün) from Istanbul, Turkey. Featuring an assortment of songs written over the last four years, Inner Cyclone is devised to propel the listener into the centre of a whirling vortex of ...
  5. Blue void

    Blue Void

    Blue Void is the name of a musical project created by a teenage musician from southern Poland. He is fusioning ambient, psybient, psy trance, down-tempo, IDM, some glitch elements, rich sound textures and a lot of experiments to create his own musical world. ...
  6. DJ Inada


    Discovered Goa trance on my trip to Greece in 1999 (there I bought my first goa cd, various - goa head 8, what a bomb!!! The mind-blowingness of this music never let me go, so I started collecting cd's since then. ...
  7. Mosaic Dream

    Chill out, Down-Tempo & Ambient VA

    We here at Goa Towers are in the first stages of putting together our first Chill out, Down-Tempo & Ambient album with space and the Universe as it's theme and we are calling on all Producers and remixers to send us their tracks for consideration. ...
  8. System F

    F.C. System F Remix competition

    System F is offering trance producer the chance to remix, ten of their greatest songs. Each week new parts of the available tracks and outakes will be posted for free download on ...

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