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Discover new music productions of Goa and Psy trance artists from all over the world.

Cactus Arising - Inner Zone - Universal Enlightment Rmx

SatanicElectro - Electroll v. 2

Nova Fractal - Perception / O X I RmX /

Nova Fractal - Timewarp Goa Chronicles 006 (Guest Mix Omneon)

Goalien - Psyhodelia


From classic and ledgendary names on the scence to the freshest Goa Psy and trance artists on the planet.

Free music

Preview and download all of the Goa, Psy trance and Down-tempo tracks on our site for free.
  1. Feri4fly - 7 Skies
    Trance by Feri4fly
  2. Toï Doï - Mother Pitch – OXIGEN
    Goa trance by Toï Doï
  3. Toï Doï - Mother Pitch – D-LISS
    Goa trance by Toï Doï
  4. Toï Doï - The Search For The Key
    Goa trance by Toï Doï
  5. Cybernetika - Synaptic Traveller
    D'n'B Psy by Cybernetika
  6. Spacer - Ritual
    Psy trance by Spacer
  7. Spacer - Suclick
    Psy trance by Spacer
  8. Spacer - OpticoN
    Psy trance by Spacer
  9. GoaHuman - Amb
    Down tempo by GoaHuman
  10. Katedra - Inferno
    Goa trance by Katedra
  11. Katedra - Eidos
    Goa trance by Katedra

Goa party

All the latest and greatest festivals and Goa / Psy nights the planet has to offer can be found listed here.


Listen to online and enjoy new Goa and Psy trance mixes of Djs and Djanes.

Sensistar - Rhinoceros

Djane Anais - Ayahuasca Ray Mix

KarlZen - old school goatrance dj set

mescalito - Welcome to the dark psy (djset)

De-nice - A lost Swede at the Bombay guesthouse.

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